Why Homeschool?

The obvious question needing to be answered is why choose homeschooling? It wasn’t a decision my husband, Dan, and I took lightly. We came to the understanding, that we are the ones responsible for our children’s education, no matter what path we chose.

After much soul searching, it dawned on us, me in particular, that our children would be absent during the best hours of the day. It was that simple. The public school schedule just didn’t fit our family’s lifestyle.

Dan and I were bent upon being a family who walked through life together; the ups and downs. We wanted to be the pace setters for the family. In order to experience all of God’s creation, we understood the importance for our children to have time to explore the world around them. We desired to allow their imaginations to soar.

Once the decision was made, the how-to-go-about homeschooling gradually fell into place. I read our State’s homeschool law, enrolled in a Homeschool Qualifying course, and read many books.

Over the years, as our family grew, Dan and I knew we had made the best and right choice. The evidences are many. I discovered each of our children’s unique learning styles. The opportunity to talk about God’s beauty, love and truth came while exploring a beach, baking a cake, listening to music, building projects, helping others …

Learning came in the natural flow of the day. Imaginations soared. Afternoons were free for playing, whether in the woods, riding bikes, being mother’s to dolls and digging holes (for no apparent reason that I could tell). And it all happened right before my eyes.

My children showed me the undeniable truth of Home, is where Wholesome School Begins.

Photo by nick.amoscato

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