Making A Learning-to-Read Homeschool Board Game

When my children were in the early stages of learning-to-read, I observed, they had an amazing memory. They were able to “read” from their early reader book, perfectly. Actually, they were reading the picture that accompanied the text.  I soon caught on and asked them to read the same word in an unfamiliar story, their brow would furrow, followed with “I don’t know.” What amazing actors they were! They just wanted to get through the lesson review quickly because they had more important matters to attend to, like finish digging the hole in the backyard.

Intuitively, I knew another tool must be found to aide them in their pursuit of learning to read. They needed more reading practice outside of their reader. Once I identified the problem, finding a solution came next. I kept my teacher eyes and ears open for an idea to come my way.

Thus, the Word-Game Board was born. I’d like to take credit for this idea, but I can’t. Another homeschooling mom shared this idea in the “Mom’s Room” at Homeschool Co-op. I wasn’t the only one whose children were clever, and in need of a fun tricky way to test their knowledge.

This game is enjoyable to make. Depending on how fancy and creative you are, it should take about thirty minutes to put together. More if you have helpers.

You’ll need cardstock like material, a file folder works. A cereal box opened up is a good option. Markers, stickers, object for game pieces, dice and a list of words or letter sounds your little cherub is attempting to master.

The accompanying picture is the best instruction guide for this learning-to-read board game.   I suggest using a pencil to draw the path, lay out the words and stickers. If you like how it looks then take the marker to it.  Throw in a square or two of move back 2 spaces, or stand-up and turn around 3 times, then roll again. Something odd or unexpected just to keep things interesting and attentive.

The best part is getting to play the game with your child. Don’t let him win. Have him earn it. These little, yet significant, bits of learning-fun is what makes …

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