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About The Author

Carol and Dan Hookham believe homeschooling began with the birth of their first daughter. Prior to Dannelle’s birth Carol worked as a Recreational Therapist in a local hospital. She resigned when she became a mother. She and her husband lived aboard their sailboat for nine years. Mary and Sarah were added to the crew.  Then the inevitable happened, one day the boat suddenly became too small. Three little girls and all their junk take up a lot of space! Gramp’s house in town became their next resting place and the home where Jay was born. Carol and Dan discovered that little boys bring a different assortment of junk, making the 900-square foot house too small. A series of amazing events, only God could have orchestrated, took place in Dan and Carol’s life enabling Dan to build a little bigger house on Lummi Island. Island adventures took place and Tad was born. Eventually, her family moved further inland where they built a bigger house on five acres and John, their last child was born. They have since stayed put. Her home isn’t always tidy.  She sometimes uses paper plates.  She is known to ignore the laundry pile on occasion and weeds mingle with the flowers and vegetables. She enjoys many of life’s simple pleasures, which fill in the gaps of her busy day as she homeschools her children and cares for the home. Yes, homeschooling remains a part of her life, she and her husband will be on the homeschooling adventure until 2024.

Home, where Wholesome Schooling Begins