Meet Carol

Carol Hookham

Hi, I’m Carol. Our homeschool adventure began, way back, in 1995 with the first of our six children. And it is set to wrap up in 2024.

Twenty-nine is a bunch of years, which has given me ample time to discover a few ins and outs regarding homeschooling.

The most important insight I learned was to blend homeschooling into the natural rhythm of our family’s lifestyle, instead of homeschooling being the primary focus of our lifestyle.

Our family has homeschooled here and there, beginning with living on aboard a sailboat in the Puget Sound area. Eventually, we permanently set our anchor and moved inland.

And all the while our growing crew tagged along, not as if they had a choice in the matter. But we were together learning from a mix of book stuff and life experiences. Living and growing together, just as a family should.

I hope that you will take a moment from your busy day to browse a bit on my site and as you do you’ll find a nugget or two that helps you along on your astonishing, sometimes predictable, journey as a homeschool family.

… Home is Where Wholesome Schooling Begins