Vintage Textbooks for Homeschool High School

I’m a “Keep-it-Simple” type of homeschool mom, and the curriculum choices I’ve made reflect such a practice. My nostalgic side fancied the idea of the kids using textbooks once used by students in the 1948 on thru to 1968. In my thinking, the information contained in these tag-sale treasures has remained unchanged since the historicalContinue reading “Vintage Textbooks for Homeschool High School”

Begin Plans for Homeschool High School in the 4th-Grade

One day in the “Mom’s Room” at Homeschool Co-op, the topic of high school came up. A couple of the women had children who’d reached that educational plateau.  Honestly, since my children were in the elementary level, I hardly gave the topic a second thought. I had other pressing things to think about … likeContinue reading “Begin Plans for Homeschool High School in the 4th-Grade”