Begin Plans for Homeschool High School in the 4th-Grade

One day in the “Mom’s Room” at Homeschool Co-op, the topic of high school came up. A couple of the women had children who’d reached that educational plateau.  Honestly, since my children were in the elementary level, I hardly gave the topic a second thought. I had other pressing things to think about … likeContinue reading “Begin Plans for Homeschool High School in the 4th-Grade”

Making A Learning-to-Read Homeschool Board Game

When my children were in the early stages of learning-to-read, I observed, they had an amazing memory. They were able to “read” from their early reader book, perfectly. Actually, they were reading the picture that accompanied the text.  I soon caught on and asked them to read the same word in an unfamiliar story, theirContinue reading Making A Learning-to-Read Homeschool Board Game

Homeschool Lesson Planning & Spring Planting

I Garden the Way I Homeschool & I Homeschool the Way I Garden Parallels between homeschooling and gardening Twenty-three years of experience has taught me to look ahead and write the homeschool lesson plan for the coming year in the spring.  I realize it is the time of year when the current lesson plan goalsContinue reading “Homeschool Lesson Planning & Spring Planting”

The Intuitive Homeschool Method

Intuitive best describes the type of homeschooling method I use. Albeit, in the beginning I wouldn’t have used that particular discriptive word. Rather, I was deliberate and fairly consistent. Our style of homeschooling reflects our family’s lifestyle. Purposeful, slow paced, God centered and flexibly fun. I prefer not to rush learning. Our lifestyle suggested pacingContinue reading “The Intuitive Homeschool Method”

Why Homeschool?

The obvious question needing to be answered is why choose homeschooling? It wasn’t a decision my husband, Dan, and I took lightly. We came to the understanding, that we are the ones responsible for our children’s education, no matter what path we chose. After much soul searching, it dawned on us, me in particular, thatContinue reading “Why Homeschool?”